Ugo Fix Bag Belt

Durable, reliable and discreet. The Ugo Fix Bag Belt provides enhanced support for the Ugo Leg Bag, offering patients freedom and extra reassurance.

It has a universal appeal giving patients the confidence to maintain or increase their level of mobility and activity.

The Ugo Fix Bag Belt allows fixation through the Ugo Leg Bag eyelets, and offers some distinctive features:

  • Designed to handle the weight of the filling Ugo Leg Bag, by supporting  its full weight at a fixed point on the leg
  • Fully adjustable and can be cut to fit
  • Breathable fabric backing with silicone technology for firm yet comfortable grip to skin
  • Reusable and washable (laundry bag available upon request)

Please email to discuss availability in the United States or call +44 (0) 845 643 5479


Ugo Fix Bag Belt

Ordering information

Ugo Fix Bag Belt

  • Pr NameUgo Fix Bag Belt
    Pr Code3012
    Inner PackBox of 3
    Outer PackCase of 60

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