The Ugo Leg Bag range

We offer a wide range of leg bags with many differing features.

For example, you may prefer a 350ml volume leg bag with a short tube and a lever tap drainage, or maybe you prefer a 750ml volume leg bag with a long tube and a T tap drainage port.

See a full list of the features within our Ugo Leg Bag range below:

Pr NameUgo 1CUgo 2CUgo 3CUgo 4CUgo 5CUgo 6CUgo 7CUgo 8C
Product Code1C/500/ST/L2C/500/LT/L3C/500/ST/T4C/500/LT/T5C/350/DI/L6C/350/ST/L7C/750/ST/L8C/750/LT/L
PIP Code400-8546400-8603400-8611400-8629400-8637400-8645400-8652400-8660
Bag Vol500ml500ml500ml500ml350ml350ml750ml750ml
Tube LengthShort TubeLong TubeShort TubeLong TubeDirect InletShort TubeShort TubeLong Tube
Tap DesignLever TapLever TapT tapT tapLever TapLever TapLever TapLever Tap
Inner PackBox of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10Box of 10
Outer Case8 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 108 boxes of 10


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Where should I wear my leg bag?

Your Ugo Leg Bag conforms to your natural leg shape and is available in 3 volumes. They’re designed to be worn under your clothing on your leg. Where on your leg you choose to wear your leg bag will depend on many factors personal to you. These may include whether you have a urethral or suprapubic catheter, the length of your catheter and leg bag tubing, your leg bag volume and your level of mobility. In addition to this you may need to consider which clothes you prefer to wear and your normal daily activities.

Ask your nurse if you are unsure of the best position to wear your Ugo Leg Bag.

Want more information?

To find out more about our Ugo Leg Bags see our helpful User Guide. Or if you’d prefer to have a chat, you can reach us on 0113 263 3849 and speak to our friendly Customer Care Advisors.